18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

Unicorns, elfs, agile and other fairy tales

When people gather in the cold winter evenings around campfire and start to tell stories to keep their imagination running and spirits high, you can hear about many mythical creatures such as unicorns, elfs but also about the rarest of them all - the true agile. But what is that mysterious beast? Where does it live? Is it real? Has anyone ever seen it? 

Agile became so popular over the last decade that we somehow lost clear vision of what it really is. The essence of it became obscured by bad practice, reasons for its existence got unclear, broken implementations skewed reality, lousy execution frustrates us all.

Let us discuss what agile is supposed to be, what it really is and how we can really run it in a way that we can benefit from it. Because its original intention was not to create problems, not to enrage developers and testers, not to waste time of team-leaders. It was quite the opposite and while good intentions pave the road to hell, agile hell is awaiting for those who don't realize that agile is not an end but just a tool which should help you achieve your goals.


Roman Jurkech, STEST, Slovakia

Starting his professional career in the software industry in 2000, Roman has worked for such diverse companies as Amdocs, Vodafone, Siemens, Ness, Navteq, Nokia and Protecht in areas of testing and QA. His specialties are test automation and testing in agile environment. He participated in translation of ISTQB Founation syllabus into Slovak and Czech languages. Since 2007 he has been closely cooperating with STEST and recently established Slovak branch of STEST.