18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

Tough Love: Dev and QA

Even though Agile may look like a chaotic methodology, it requires more discipline, maturity and open-mindedness than any other process in order to be fully efficient. Cross functional teams, which are the core of an Agile approach, force us to move out of our comfort zones and tackle problems not exactly in the area of our expertise. Developers need to understand QAs and QAs need to understand developers. In fact, not only to understand each other, but also help and mentor, if they are to move towards the shared goal: working software.

Paraphrasing a popular book, developers are from Venus and QAs are from Mars, or vice-versa. It depends on your viewpoint. In real life our two worlds don’t always get along very well, leading to dissatisfaction, aggravation and even frustration. In the presentation I want to share my observations on why this happens, how to avoid such situations, and how to improve developer and QA relations based on the best examples I've witnessed and participated in. I want also to discuss unit tests, which can be the first common ground where these two worlds can meet.


Tomasz Dubikowski, Ocado Technology, Poland

Tomek is a Software Development Team Lead at Ocado Technology.  He has 5 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer.

As an engineer, he is passionate about craftsmanship, propagating clean code, automated tests, behaviour driven development and domain driven design. As a leader, he helps to build an organisational culture based upon autonomy, collaboration and trust so that developers are equipped with both the hard and soft skills necessary to build truly awesome products.

Tomek loves to change the reality around him. He his highly pragmatic, challenges orthodoxy at all levels and believes that there is always room for improvement.  He is always eager to discuss and share his ideas.