18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

Soft Skills for Testers and Test Managers

This tutorial will give you practical help, tips and ideas which will increase your awareness for “soft skills” issues in managing projects. The tutorial covers a number of important issues concerning soft skills:

  • Relating to different stakeholders: Managers communicate with many stakeholders and team members, so it’s essential that they know what motivates them and how to interact with them properly.
  • Asking good questions: Knowing how to ask “good” questions will help to structure discussions and get the best information from people.
  • How to give and receive feedback from people: Managers rely on their teams to give them feedback about the project. In addition test managers need to give people encouragement and advice on how they can improve their work.
  • Listening: Managers need to be good listeners.
  • Getting Your Message Across: This section gives you a wide range of tips on how to get your message across to your audience.
  • Reaching Agreement: Reaching agreement with people can be difficult, especially if there are a wide range of different views and personalities involved.
  • Making Things Happen: To make things happen, managers need an understanding of what motivates people and how we should approach the human issues concerning change.


Graham Bath, T-Systems, UK

 Graham Bath can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience in testing.For him, the main attraction of the work of a tester is  that it combines so many different technologies and colleagues.

 He works today as Principal Consultant at T-Systems, Test Factory.Graham Bath’s activities reflect at the International Software Testing  Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) as member of the Advanced Level and Expert Level working groups. At national level, he is leader of the  Advanced Level and Expert Level working groups for the GTB, who are responsible for the creation of the syllabi in German. As English native  speaker, he is perfectly suited to building bridges with the English-speaking testing boards.

 In addition to these activities, his engagement for testing has also resulted in a book. He has recently published „The Software Test Engineer’s Handbook“ at RockyNook.