18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

SELECT TestSpecifics FROM dwh_test_approach

SELECT TestSpecifics FROM dwh_test_approach (or let’s go with us and softly touch DWH testing)

  1. What is DWH?
    - data, layers, transformation steps
    - huge volume, long processing
    - DWH is not private world
  2. Test approach
    - data are highest priority
    - no data, but data errors are our fast food
    - SQL like team communication language
    - development patterns
    - strange, but not only data are tested
  3. DWH test specifics
    - local point of view
    - group point of view
    - how to test business use cases
  4. Test Environment and Test Data Management
    - not so easy
    - not so clear
    - but it’s working if you know how to do it


Jaroslav Strharsky, Erste Group IT International, SK/AT

Jaroslav Strharsky

  • More than 16 years in IT.
  • More than 10 years experience in testing area in various roles: Test Manager, Test Coordinator, Test Analyst, Quality assurance engineer.
  • ISTQB certifications: foundation+agile+advanced TM
  • Experienced in test and analysis trainings, user consultancy, application support, quality assurance, process improvement, analysis, business analysis and test analysis.
  • Co-founder of ProTest public test community (e.g. www.pro-test.info).