18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

Performance testing done better and faster

We will discuss criteria and objectives of performance tests and then go through many practical examples:

- Creation of web performance test with external data

- Performance test execution

- Recommendations for interpreting results

- Connecting performance tests to a test stack

- How to prepare the acceptance criteria for a performance test

- What are the typical cases of critical performance issues


Pavel LukeŇ° & Jan Verner, SmartMeter.io, Czech Republic

 Pavel LukeŇ°

 Performance architect with 7 years of experiences in enterprise-level performance tuning and testing and a double in programming and system  architecture. The idea maker and lead product architect of SmartMeter.io.




 Jan Verner

 Lead SmartMeter.io product developer & performance architect