18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com

Optimizing Test Case Design using Open Source Tools

Many test engineers learn and get certified, but rarely use the test design techniques that they have been taught. I found it strange, but then realized that testers like to use tools, and if techniques were implemented via tools, they would have used them more.

Pairwise and Classification Trees are very good and efficient techniques for test design, prioritization of tests, and for saving time and money on performing the right tests first.

In this workshop, I shall present the techniques, and the tools (freeware) to exercise them in your projects right after the training.

Hands-on exercises will be performed throughout the workshop to exercise participants in using the techniques via the tools.


Workshop objectives


The objectives of this workshop is to give the participants a practical overview of

• What is Pairwise and Orthogonal Arrays?

• How to use the freeware ‘allpairs’ tool by James Bach, in your projects

• How to use the freeware ‘PICT’ tool by Microsoft (for pairwise), in your projects

• What is Classification Trees?

• How to use the CT Testona Editor in your projects

These questions and more are a part of the challenges we face in implementing ET today, whether it is in incremental models or more recently in iterative models (i.e. Agile). The course emphasizes the implementation of the techniques using the freeware tools that will be provided. Through presentation, discussion, debate, brainstorming, questioning, and hands-on exercises - we shall learn how to implement those techniques in our projects.


Required equipment: own laptop with the necessary requirements (Windows 7/8/10, Office 2010 and up, USB flash card 2GB)


Required knowledge: Participants should have basic testing knowledge about testing life cycle, testing techniques and methods, test measurements.

Alon Linetzki, QualityWize™, Israel

Mr. Alon Linetzki, has been a professional developer, system analyst, system architect, test engineer, test manager, quality assurance manager & a coach for the last 33 years.

Alon’s main domains of expertise are in:  Agile and Transition to agile, Exploratory Testing, Software and Test Process Improvement & Optimization, Test Management and Test Design Optimization, Risk Based Testing, Test Automation, Root Cause Analysis, Measurements & Metrics, Requirements Ambiguity Analysis, Specification And Test Modeling, Personal Communication & Building Smart Teams.

He is a popular speaker in international conferences worldwide (STAREast, EuroSTAR, ChinaTest, BTD, Agile Testing Days, QS-TAG, STF, etc.).

He is co-founded ISTQB® in Israel (2004), leads the ISTQB® Marketing WG, is the ISTQB® Partner Program Lead w/w, and has established the Sigist in Israel - Israeli testing forum (2000).

He is one of the authors for the ISTQB® Foundation level Agile Tester certification, and serves as the ITCB Vice President and marketing director.

Alon is also asked from time to time, to speak on quality and testing related topics, at the Beer-Sheva University, Industrial Engineering department.